Insult archive: Disraeli

An absurd monkey

How long will John Bull allow this absurd monkey to dance on his chest? Carlyle on Disraeli.

A cheesemonger

He looked and spoke like a cheesemonger.

He was distinguished for ignorance

For he had only one idea,and that was wrong.

If Gladstone fell into the Thames

If Gladstone fell into the Thames it would be a misfortune. Disraeli on Gladstone.

How the Egyptians worshipped an insect

If a traveler were informed that such a man was the leader of the House of Commons he might begin to comprehend how the Egyptians worshipped an insect.

A self made man

He’s a self made man and worships his creator. Bright on Disraeli

The gentleman is like a poker

The Rt Hon. Gentleman is reminiscent of a poker. Disraeli on Sir Robert Peel.