Insult archive: Baldwin

A cheery greeting

I got the sort of greeting a corpse would give to an undertaker.

The candle in that great turnip

The candle in that great turnip. Churchill insults Baldwin on the latter’s death.

A man of the utmost insignificance

A mixture of innocence, honesty and stupidity. Baldwin insulted by Lord Curzon.

He occasionally stumbled over the truth

But hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.

An epileptic corpse

An epileptic corpse. Occasionally he stumbled over the truth. Baldwin insulted by Churchill.

I wish him no ill

I wish Stanley Baldwin no ill. What Winston Churchill said about Baldwin.

A hole in the air

“One could not even dignify him with the name of stuffed shirt. He was simply a hole in the air” George Orwell on thirties British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin (later Lord Baldwin of Bewdley).